Eternity Now

Given the title of this post (Eternity Now) it is possible that you have come here looking for cologne or perfume. If so you will be disappointed to know that this is not a resale site and I don’t carry any Calvin Klein products (though I guess it is possible that you will see an ad for it in the footer given that Amazon pulls keywords from the post to fill it’s ads section). But even if that was the reason you initially came to this post I would urge you to hang around as you might find the content of this post valuable anyway.

Nic at Night

In this sermon I look at the encounter that Jesus has with our friend Nicodemus. We explore the significance of the fact that this meeting took place at night in the dark. We see how Jesus patiently helps Nicodemus arrive at the conclusion that He (Jesus) is God. We also explore what the meaning of the phrase “born again” means.