Psalm 1 – Delight in the Word

I have heard it said that God isn’t worried about your knowledge of the Bible, but rather how you live out His Word. There is a lot of truth to that statement and I understand the sentiment of it and affirm it. However, it should come with some qualification.

For starters, let’s make sure that we understand that while mere knowledge has no value to God it is required that we have said knowledge in order to please God. Without knowledge of the word how can one live it out? If I don’t know what God’s Word says and means then how can carry out its commands and live up to its standards?

Category : Devotional

The Word Brings Forth Life

My first in depth encounter with this set of verses came when I was memorizing the Navigators TMS (Topical Memory System) and learning how to grow through mediation on the Bible. I recall being a bit confused as to how I could trust the message of these verses. It was Scripture that promoted the argument that the Scriptures came from God. Almost like an American who asserts that America has replaced Israel as God’s chosen nation, the claim seemed a bit self-serving. This was my attitude towards this passage until I realized that Paul (the human author of this text) was not writing this down with the understanding that he was penning what would one day be referred to as Scripture itself. This fact seemed to actually help me in my full acceptance of the passage’s legitimacy.