Born to Reproduce



Every single Christian that was ever born into God’s family is to multiply!

-Dawson Trotman

Are you reproducing reproducer? Has the maturity God has given you in your life been multiplied out into others lives? If not, why not?

The sermon above is by a man named Dawson Trotman. He is the founder of the Navigators; a ministry that forever changed my life and whom I serve with as a college campus minister. In this message he talks about the mandate each Christian has to grow in their walk with Christ and then disciple others.

This message captures the very core of my purpose in ministry and so I thought I would share it with you.

If you would like to know more about Dawson you can read his bigraphy called Daws. The link to book is below.

Daws: A Man Who Trusted God

By Betty Skinner / NavPress From his youth as a liar, gambler, and pool shark to manhood as an indefatigable witness for his Lord Jesus Christ, Dawson Trotman revolutionized the practice of evangelism and founded one of the most widespread and respected Christian organizations in the world today. This moving historical account, drawn from the memories of those whose lives he touched and from the author’s firsthand knowledge, will both encourage you in your faith and inspire you to action. 391 pages, paperback, from Navpress.

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